Web Dota is based on popular Warcraft 3 Custom Map, Defense of the Ancient. The game features two sides which are Sentinel and Scourge. Sentinel and Scourge are eternal enemies. Choose one side and begin your hunting journey. Each round lasts 10 to 12 days. Enjoy the brand-new turn based Dota.


Basic Elements
  • Gold and Turn.
  • Time - Day: 6am - 6pm, Night: 6pm - 6am.
  • Tavern - Basic player's information, news and clan management.
  • Attack - To conduct attack and teleportation.
  • Heal - To conduct healing.
  • Magic - To conduct spell casting.
  • Item - Item management.
  • Training - Hero training management.
  • Setting - Change password and account removal.
  • Logout - Please logout when you are done with your account to avoid any security issue.
  • Choose any hero and complete the registration as instructed.
  • It is important for you to fill in valid basic information.
  • Three game mode: Normal, Team random or Team & Hero random.
    Normal: You choose the hero and the team you want.
    Team & Hero random: The system will randomly choose a hero and the team for you.
  • Player can access to two chat panels, which are team chat and general chat.
  • Private message is available on top of the chat panel.
  • Player can view the health pool for three war regions.
  • Round will be ended when all three regions are closed.
Player Card
  • Click on your hero icon to generate your personalized player card.
Feeder, Multies & Inactive
  • You are allowed to create and maintain only one account.
  • We will ban account with unusual death rate.
  • You will be shifted to Fountain region (vacation mode) if you inactive for more than 40 hours.
Report Abuse
  • We encourage everyone to report any game abuse, include multies, feeder,
    and language attitude problem to our Game Moderators.
  • Each hero comes with their own uniqueness.
  • Hero attributes are Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.
  • Each hero will have their own primary hero attribute to give them extra bonuses.
  • Each point of Strength gives you 70 health points.
  • Strength determines your physical attacking power.
  • Every Strength point gives 2 base attack damage to strength heroes,
    1.5 attack damage to agility heroes and 1 attack damage to intelligence heroes.
  • Each point of Agility gives you 1 armor point.
  • Every 30 Agility points give agility heroes extra 1 turn regeneration per cycle.
  • Every 40 Agility points give non-agility heroes extra 1 turn regeneration per cycle.
  • Each point of Intelligence gives you 70 mana points.
  • Intelligence determines your spell success rate and spell damage.
  • Intelligence also determines your healing effectiveness.
Game Cycle
  • Every 30 minutes is a game cycle.
  • You will gain regeneration for every game cycle.
  • Essential to perform attacking, healing, and spell casting.
  • You will be given turn(s) for every game cycle.
  • Gain extra turn based on Agility (Refer: Hero).
Maximum Turn
  • For non-agility heroes, the maximum turns you can store is 100
    and maximum turn gain per cycle is 4 except hero uniqueness.
  • For agility heroes, the maximum turns you can store is 135
    and maximum turn gain per cycle is 6.
  • No turn will be awarded when you hit the limit.
  • You will be awarded gold bonus for every game cycle.
  • Gold reward will be based on hero level.
  • The starting reward for player at level 1 is 70.
  • Every increment of hero level increases 70 gold bonus for every game cycle.
Extra Gold Reward
  • Creeps hunting at Top or Bottom region.
  • Ended enemy's killing streak, 1% more for each streak
  • Get a job from your Clan.
  • Clan bonus.
Gold Loss
  • You will lose gold bonus when you are killed by enemy,
    10% of your gold reserve but not more than 400 at once (not applied during war),
    without including streak ending bonus.
  • When you are accidentally killed by return damage or creeps, you will lose 90%
    of your gold reserve.
  • You will lose more gold if you killing streak is ended by enemy.
Gold Cap
  • Basic gold regeneration will stop if you have more than 12,000 at all level.
  • Clan wage, clan exploration bonus, creeping, hero killing reward and item selling will not be affected.
  • Essential ingredient to level up your hero.
  • You gain it when you perform attacking, healing and spell casting, except creep attacking.
Level & Bonus
  • Each leveling increases your hero atrributes.
  • Each leveling increases your health and mana pool.
  • Item bonus only works at its 50% effectiveness for hero level 1,
    and subsequently increased 10% for each leveling until 100% effectiveness.
  • You are opened to higher level spells.
  • You are opened to hunt for more powerful creeps.
  • Extra gold regeneration per cycle.
  • More powerful items.
Extra Experience
  • When you kill an enemy.
  • When you attack a higher level enemy.
  • Essential element to determine your ranking.
  • Honor bonus and penalty will be counted for each kill and death.
  • Your honor point will contribute to your current active clan as well.
Honor Chart
Kill + 4 points
Assist + 1 point
Level + 1 point for each level
Creep Kill + 1 to + 3 points
Death - 3 points
Assisted Kill
  • A kill is considered as assisted kill if the player contributed less than 50% of total damage point when the enemy is eliminated.
  • Only 2 honor points instead of 4.
  • The percentage is measured over total damage points dealt to the enemy over the last 30 minutes.
  • Clan is formed when several same side players decided to help each others during the game.
  • The maximum number of players in a clan is 10.
  • A clan has its private chatroom to communicate among the members.
  • Every member in the clan has limited rights to access other members information.
  • You cannot leave the clan within 24 hours after you have joined or created the clan.
  • You are not allowed to switch clan more than three times along the game
  • The chieftain is the leader of the clan, by default, he/she is the clan creator.
  • Chieftain can elect a new chieftain or select a co-chieftain to manage the clan.
  • Chieftain has the authority to kick unwanted members, manage building order
    as well as declare or accept clan war.
Clan & Honor
  • Honor is contributed by members in the clan through their activities.
  • For clan honor reward, please visit to Forum.
Clan & War
  • War is the result of two opposite clans wish to challenge each others without outside interruption.
  • War Declaration:
Clan with more than 300 honor points and 5 members is eligible to declare war against other clan.
You can declare any clan that within 20% of honor range.
The declared side can choose to accept or reject the war.
  • War Preparation:
Preparation hour can vary from 2 hours to 9 hours, decided by declaring side.
You are protected from attacks during the preparation period.
You are not allowed to attack outsider during the preparation period.
No clan members are allowed to leave and clan can no longer accept new member during this period.
  • War Time:
The war will last for 5 hours.
Additional 50 turns will be awarded.
Fountain and creeps are not accessible.
You will be booted out and lose all your gold if you hide in fountain during war preparation.
You are only allowed to attack target that comes from the clan you are warring.
You are allowed to attack target that two levels below or above your level.
  • More about War:
Access to war only spells.
20% better defense against spell and magic attacks.
50% less gold loss to respawn.
No item drop during war time.
Extra HP and Mana regeneration.
Damage Reduction Rating will be deactivated.
No clan honor and experience gain.
No death or kill will be recorded.
No attack protection.
  • Victory Side:
The clan with most kills will be declared victory.
Each kill will be awarded 300 gold and equally shared by clan members.
Gain 200 clan honor points.
Extra 500 clan honor points will be awarded if total kills is more than 80.
Barrack and farm bonus will be awarded to victory side if total kills is more than 80.
Additional 80 turns for every clan member.
  • Defeated Side:
Each kill will be awarded 150 gold and equally shared by clan members.
Lose 5% of total clan honor.
Additional 40 turns for every clan member.
  • Draw:
Each kill will be awarded 100 gold and equally shared by clan members.

Clan & Job Clan & Building
  • Minimum 1 turn is needed to attack enemy.
  • The attack here refers to physical attacking on enemy.
Attack & Armor
  • Your attack will be weakened by enemy armor.
  • Armor for Strength heroes works in direct deduction.
  • Armor for Agility and Intelligence heroes works in percentage deduction.
  • Here is the equation for percentage deduction:
    (Agility) armor effectiveness = (armor point x 10) / hp pool x 100% [75% max]
    (Intelligence) armor effectiveness = (armor point x 10) / hp pool x 100% [65% max]
Attack & Return Damage
  • When you attack an enemy, the enemy will return 50% of its normal damage back to you.
  • The return damage can be further protected by your armor.
  • It is possible that you will be killed by return damage (Refer: Gold).
Attack & Level
  • You can only attack enemy within your range.
  • The level range will be enemy at same level, one level lower and one level higher than you.
Attack & Mana Shield
  • Intelligence hero only and need to be activated manually.
  • Mana shield will absorb 1 point of attack damage per 4 points of Mana.
  • Mana shield will not work if damage is greater than available mana pool.
Attack & Protection
  • You will automatically gain attack protection if you receive more than 20 attacks
    within same game cycle.
  • You will be sent into Death Protection if you die twice within same cycle.
Attack & Damage Reduction Rating
  • Damage reduction rating is implemented to ensure the competitiveness of the game.
  • The index is measured at subtraction of target's ranking to attacker's ranking.
30 to 6020%
61 to 10030%
above 10050%
-30 to -6010%
-61 to -10020%
below -10030%
Consecutive attack
  • It means that you use more than 1 turn for a single attack.
  • Effective strategy to deactivate enemy's mana shield.
  • Gain 1 assist in stats if contributed more than 20% out of total damage in a kill.
  • Take 50% of kill bounty if contributed more than 50% out of total damage in a kill.
  • There could be more than one assistant in a kill if damage point is qualified.
  • 1 honor point for every assist.
  • Minimum 1 turn is needed to perform healing.
  • Partial of your healing points will be contributed to your region health points.
  • You gain experience point when you perform healing to other players.
  • Strength based heroes will regenerate 10% of their max health points automatically for every cycle.
Heal & Holy Light
  • Intelligence hero is awarded Holy Light, a spell for healing with the use of mana.
  • No turn will be required but at the cost of 300 mana.
Auto Heal
  • When you enable auto heal, one turn will be used for auto healing in every game cycle.
  • Auto heal will heal 3 times better than normal healing.
  • Minimum 1 turn is needed for spell casting.
  • Except for Enrage and Terror that do not use turn.
  • Mana is essential ingredient to perform spell casting and vary depends on spell.
Mana Regeneration
  • Mana regeneration for non-intelligence heroes is 10% per cycle.
  • Mana regeneration for intelligence heroes is 20% per cycle.
Spell & Success Rate
  • Intelligence heroes have 20% higher success rate.
  • Every 150 intelligence points increase 10% of success rate.
  • No turn will be used if the spell is fizzled.
Spell & Resistance
  • Intelligence heroes naturally gain 50% spell resistance.
  • Agility heroes naturally gain 30% spell resistance.
  • Spell resistance flow
    • 1. Spell resistance item
    • 2. If hero uniqueness:
      damage = damage x (1 - hero spell resistance %)
    • 3. If Agility hero (30% less)
      damage = damage x (1 - 0.3)
    • 4. If Intelligence hero (50% less)
      damage = damage x (1 - 0.5)
    • 5. If War, extra 20% spell resistance
      damage = damage x (1 - 0.2)
Spell List
  • Some spells are only available to particular hero or hero class.
SpellDescriptionHero LevelDifficulty Level
Lightning Bolt The basic magic attack. 1Easy
Gold Spy This magic will give an estimate of gold reserve of an opponent. 1Normal
Hero Spy Provide basic information of an opponent. 1Normal
Enrage (Strength Hero only) Give bonus damage based on 8% to 15% max of hero's health points. 1-
Terror (Agility Hero only) Disable enemy's armor for 1 turn and enemy has no return damage for that turn. 1-
Gush (Intelligence Hero only) Deadly magic attack learned from legendary Leviathan. 2Normal
Empower (Intelligence Hero only) All clan members gain 50% extra attack damage for 1 turn. 2Normal
Hook The hook will snag on random target and drag the target back to player region. 2Normal
Mana Burn Burn up to 15% of enemy mana pool. 2Hard
Bounce Attack Protection spell to bounce next attack against you back to enemy. 3Hard
Death Coil Coil of death that rips at a target. 4Hard
Brand Sap (Intelligence Hero only) Take portion of enemy HP to heal yourself. 5Hard
Finger of Death (Intelligence Hero only) Deadly spell that almost kill an enemy. (Level 7 spell if not in War) 6/7Very Hard
Reaper's Scythe (Intelligence Hero only) Deals 0.4 damage per health point missing. 6Extreme
Sunder (Intelligence Hero only) Switch soul between enemy and you, thus carry enemy health and mana. 6Extreme
Sunder Health ** Switch health pool with your enemy. 6Extreme
Sanity's Eclipse (Lina Inverse only) Deal damage equal to the difference between intelligence and leave cripple effect. 1Easy
Bond (Passive) Lose 30% of gold gain from next hero kill to bond caster. --
Cripple (Passive) Receive 15% more spell damage. --
Chemical Rage (Alchemist only) Activated when a creep is killed, last 120 minutes, invulnerable to return damage and 300% base damage bonus. --
** Available to Lina Inverse and Holy Knight only
** Does not work against Intelligence based heroes
  • Hero Training is the default training for every hero.
  • 45 gold is needed for every 1% of increment.
  • The maximum increment for every training in a cycle is 5%.
  • Upon completion of Hero Training, you will gain +1 stat for each non-dominant attribute
    and +4 stats for dominant attribute.
  • You can begin other round of Hero Training upon completion.
Training & Book
  • Special training book can be purchased from market.
  • They are disposed once the training is done.
  • You can run up to 4 book training at the same time.
  • Creeps are avalaible at Top and Bottom region.
  • You can only access to creep pool if you have your clan.
  • Each clan has its own creep pool and only accessible if has at least five members.
  • You gain honor when you killed a creep.
  • Creeps have superior healing points regeneration and return damage.
  • Armor will not work on creep's return damage.
Creep Extra
  • You are limited to 4 creep kills per day.
  • Agility hero is more effective in attacking creep.
  • Intelligence hero will gain additional 1.5 bonus damage for every intelligence point
    when attacking creep.
  • In addition, every intelligence point on intelligence hero will block 1 damage from creep.
  • By killing a creep, 20% of gold bonus will be distributed equally among your clan member.
Creep Chart
CreepHealth PointsGold BonusHero LevelRegion
Kobold Taskmaster300010002Top
Forest Troll Berserker350014802Top
Gnoll Assassin22008002Bottom
Polar Furbolg Champion420015403Top
Polar Furbolg Ursa Warrior450016003Top
Satyr Soulstealer385015403Bottom
Centaur Khan520029804Top
Centaur Outrunner550031004Top
Rock Golem510028005Bottom
Ogre Magi550031005Bottom
Black Drake560032806Bottom
Ogre Lord600034006Bottom
  • 3 war regions: Top, Center and Bottom.
  • 1 protective region: Fountain.
  • You cannot attack enemy at different region.
Region & Teleportation
  • 50 gold is needed to teleport to other region.
  • Teleport out from Foutain is free.
  • You cannot teleport until next cycle when you were stunned by enemy.
  • Fountain is also served as vacation region if player plans to leave account for a long period.
  • You gain extra healing point and mana point regeneration when you are in Foutain.
  • No attack can be made inside Fountain.
  • You are not allowed to teleport out from Foutain within 5 minutes to next cycle.
  • Gold is essential to purchase item.
  • Different items are scattered around all regions.
  • For more item information, please visit to Forum Item Guide.
Item & Level
  • Items with attacking bonus will have its effectiveness capped at 50% for hero level 1.
  • Each leveling will increase the cap by 10%.
  • Agility based heroes have starting cap at 70%.
Item & Slot
  • You have 7 slots to carry your items.
  • 2 extra slots are used for reservation purpose.
  • The item is not working when you put them inside reserve slot, unless you swap it to main slot.
  • Potion is consumed instantly when you have purchased them.
  • Recipe is used to combine several items into one powerful item.
  • You need to fulfill the item ingredients before you can purchase a particular recipe.
  • Type of item bonus by Basher.
  • Player is not allowed to teleport and 1 turn will be deducted for next game cycle.
  • Orb is type of item bonus but not stackable in their effectiveness.
  • Corrupt Orb on Stygian Desolator: gain bonus damage from 75% of enemy armor and penetrate 15% of enemy armor.
  • Life Steal Orb on Mask of Dealth: regain health points based on 30% of attack damage.
  • Lightning Orb on Mjollnir: Deal extra physical attack damage based on 3% of mana pool left
    and 4 bonus damage for every agility point.
  • Feedback Orb on Diffusal Blade: Mana burn based on 250% of attack damage.
Droppable Item
  • Some items will have 10% chance to be dropped upon death.
Item & Selling
  • You sell your item at 50% of its original price.

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